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Tips On How To Start A Story

Majority of writers don’t know how to exactly start a story. The writer is responsible on how to start the opening line. The readers see the opening line first when they open a book and start reading. This is what will motivate the reader or make them lose interest. The reader needs to motivated by the writer to keep reading. Below are a few tips that will help you on how to start a story.

You need to start by building momentum. The opening lines need to have the elements that will make the whole story. These are the point of view, a distinctive voice, hints of characterization and a simple plot. It is advisable that readers understand the setting and conflict at the end of the first paragraph. This is essential unless you have a good reason not to give out the details. It is essential you resist the urge to begin too early. It might be tempting to start your narrative before the start of the action. The story needs to develop a momentum of its own. It works best when there is a large scale conflict.

Majority of writers are taught that they will hook the reader easily if they have a more extreme or unusual opening line. However, such large hooks will easily disappoint the reader if they don’t measure up. It is easy for your story to go downhill if you start from a tense moment. Also, if the hook is extremely misleading or strange, you may end up with odd expectations. It is safe to use smallest hooks. Then later you can pull your story in the other direction.

Also, you need to begin your story accordingly. You need not go ahead of the readers. If the opening line is confusing at first, it can be an easy pitfall when beginning a story. However, it makes sense if you provide the reader with additional information as the story goes on. The problem comes in because majority of the readers don’t make it read that far. It is advisable that you add information that will make your opening get further meaning as the reader learns more.

The opening needs to have sense. Start with a minor mystery. Using a puzzle is highly effective. This is because it has an instant effect on the reader.
In addition, beginning a story with dialogue could easily make you lose your readers. It can be boring for most readers to follow a long dialogue. You need to be mindful of what works. It is advisable to create a list of various opening sentences and titles and seek the opinion of your friends. This way you will make a better choice.

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